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We buy houses with cash for any reason. No commissions, no agent fees, no costly repairs, no closing costs, no worries, and you don’t even have to clean your way out.

Rocket-Fast. Hassle-Free. Dependable.

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Need to sell your house, but don’t have the time or capital to get it market ready? Frustrated with how long your house has been sitting on the market and want to sell it fast? We can help! Launch Homebuyers offer a tried and trusted, hassle-free solution selling your home rocket-fast with zero agent fees or commissions. We’ll buy in any condition and close on your timeline. Contact our team for an obligation-free cash offer today.

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Selling Your Home Just Got Easier

We Buy Houses for Cash

You want the most solid cash offer but want to avoid hassles with realtors and appraisals. Are you looking to sell your house fast? We are here to help! Our team are specialist cash buyers that can make the sale process simple and convenient.

No need to list your house on the market and wait weeks or months for potential buyers – we offer a much faster solution. Plus, there are no realtor fees or commissions! You can get the money you need without all of the hassles.

Launch Homebuyers is dedicated to supporting you to make a quick, stress-free transaction. Regardless of your situation, we’re here to help you through. Our team provides unbeatable service from start to finish, answering any questions you may have throughout the process. Plus, our cash offers mean you don’t have to worry about drawn-out transactions.

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We Buy Houses!

Fed up with misleading or delayed offers when all you want is to sell your house quickly? If so, you’re not alone. Many other sellers are discouraged by the markets, too. 

But that doesn’t have to be you. We provide transparent, free, no-obligation cash offers on homes. Obtain a fair offer quickly, without the typical home selling process, and free yourself from your unwanted property. Trust us, it’s a game changer.

Selling Your House “As-Is”

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We Buy Houses for Cash

Do high-pressure negotiations and slow payment processes leave you feeling uneasy? You don't have to worry about unprepared buyers who may not be able to complete the sale. You don't have to put up with slow payments and unfair offers. Let us help. We can provide a fair cash offer on your home. We will handle all the paperwork, handle title transfers, and alleviate any stress that comes with selling your home.

We Are Professional Cash Buyers

Ditch the stress and work with the most trusted cash buyers! Our professional team is here to help you get the most out of selling your house quickly and easily, through a completely transparent and supported process.

Trustworthy and Dependable

Now you can access a trustworthy, dependable service you can count on. It’s easy to get a fair offer from the experienced professionals at Launch Homebuyers. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Time-Saving Strategies

Sell your house fast and save time with Launch Homebuyers! Get a fair cash offer at lightning speed, and close on your schedule regardless of whether that’s two days or 12 months from now. If you’re thinking about selling in future, give us a call to see how we can help you.

What Others Are Saying About Us

“Had an amazing experience working with the team here. Heather & I especially were in very regular contact, she is extremely kind and very diligent in her work and did her best to go to bat for me & my family. I’m grateful to the team for helping me out when I needed it most!! Thank you all for your hard work 😊”

- Nate H.


Sell Your Home As-is

Selling your home doesn't have to be complicated! With Launch Homebuyers, you can get your house off the market quickly and easily, no matter its condition. You don't have to worry about repairs or renovations when you give the work to us.

No Hidden Fees, Commissions, or Closing Costs

You can expect a transparent process with no tricks or catches! Sell your property with zero hidden fees, commissions, or typical closing costs - just a straightforward transaction. Get the cash you need quickly with our convenient service that works around your timeline. Let us help make selling your home easy and stress-free!

No Appraisals

With our fast and easy process, you can get a great price on your home with no hassle. Avoid long-drawn-out appraisals and get cash when you need it most. Don't wait any longer - get the best value for your house now!

Want to Sell Your House

Sell your house fast and move forward with your life! With our experienced team at your flanks, you can sell your home quickly and easily. Whether you’re going through a divorce, behind on tax payments or own a fire or flood-damaged property, we’ll buy in any condition and for any reason.

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Get A FAST Fair Cash Offer For
Your Home Today!

Tired of dealing with the hassle and headaches of selling your home? Get a fast, fair no obligation cash offer today! At Launch Homebuyers, we make it easy to get the money you need in record time. Contact us now to start the process and get the deal you deserve!

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Want to Sell Your House Fast?

We take out hassle of repairs, commissions, appraisals and still get you an offer you love!

Our Process is Fast, Simple,
and Straightforward!

Our process is designed to streamline your home sale. We handle all of the paperwork and closing details with ease. Ready for a break? Let us take the wheel! With our three-step process, we’ll help you get your home sold in no time.

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Give us a call so we can discuss the details of your home and schedule a time to photograph the property. 


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Now that we’ve seen the property in person or on camera, we’ll present you with a closing cash offer.


Choose Your Closing Date


Your schedule determines our schedule. Sell your house at your own pace, whether you’re still getting prepared or you need to seal the deal right away.


Get Your Cash

Close the deal, get the money, and start a new chapter in your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Receiving a fast cash offer can enable you to sell your house swiftly and for cash. Many cash buyers routinely negotiate a fair deal of between 50% and 90% of the home’s market value when purchasing a property. “We buy houses for cash” businesses are great for damaged or distressed properties. You can set up a contract depending on your requirements and timeline.

Yes! A “we buy houses” company like Launch Homebuyers frequently provides cash buyers services. These companies are legit, with teams all across the nation. However,  remember that cash purchasers are a popular target of scams in America. Be sure to do your diligence on any company you’re unsure about. 

Launch Homebuyers is a legitimate, experienced BBB-Accredited business that buys houses for cash at a fair price. We have hundreds of reviews from happy customers we’ve helped across the state. 

No, selling a home in one day using traditional methods is impossible. The average duration for selling a house with a real estate agent is between 30 and 90 days. The traditional sale process involves employing a listing agent, title company, or real estate attorney to handle the closing. The fastest way to sell your home is by working with cash home buyers like Launch Homebuyers. We are able to close in 5-7 days. Plenty of our past and present clients are under tight time constraints, so we focus on getting the deal closed as fast as you need. Even if it is in foreclosure, you can sell your house before it is put up for auction!

If you’re selling on the market, generally smaller, well-maintained, competitively priced homes in desirable locations tend to sell more quickly than larger homes that are in need of repairs or located in less desirable areas. Ultimately, the speed of the sale will depend on a combination of these factors and the individual circumstances of the homeowner and the property.

If you’re selling to Launch Homebuyers, your home can sell fast! The size, location, or condition of your property will not impact how fast you can sell. 

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Launch Homebuyers

Launch Homebuyers puts you first. Whether you prefer to finish up in a few days or take your time, we’ll move at your pace. We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for a fast, trustworthy, and simple approach to selling your house when you want. Give us a call for a fair, free, no-obligation cash offer on your property today.

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